MBAsocial news roundup: January 17, 2011

Posted on January 17, 2011


Photo courtesy of katerha

Drumroll please…announcing…the MBAsocial news roundup! Every day, a little bit of what the World Wide Web has to offer you on your quest to becoming a better MBA (or a better informed prospective).

* BusinessWeek and MBAsocial basically give you same advice on choosing schools. Yay us for scooping BusinessWeek! [BusinessWeek]

* MIT Sloan thinks iPads are da bomb for reading applications; Notre Dame Mendoza doesn’t care what other people think of you; Columbia‘s taking a cue from Kellogg and chugging out JD/MBAs in three years. [Wall Street Journal]

* Toastmaster take heed! Wedding toasts are like admissions essays. Or for that matter, job interviews. [Veritas Prep]

* Word from Lebanon: MBAs teach you teamwork but don’t increase your salary. ruh roh. [Daily Star Lebanon]

* Props to blogger Stacy Blackman who is still blogging as blogger Stacy Blackman, but now for [the artist formerly known as] U.S. News and World Report. [U.S. News]