New Year, New You? How to use Outlook to stick to your exercise resolutions

Posted on January 3, 2011


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Wait, wait. Don’t tell us. You made a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym, lose 10 pounds, carve those abs, fit into that old pair of jeans. We know. We’ve been there too…even as recently as this year. But how to stick to it?

We’ll tell you one thing. If you think you’re busy in business school, then you’ve definitely already forgotten how busy the real world is. In business school, you get to choose when your day starts [and ends]. You get to carve out a regular schedule in which you have large blocks of the day completely free. You can take a nap during this time. You can go for a walk. Learn to love this, because in the real world, it just ain’t so.

Okay, once you’ve got that straight, think about it this way. The gym, the pool, or that run along the river is just another class, but it’s one that makes you feel invigorated afterward, rather than lethargic and pale. It’s a class slot you don’t have to bid for in your semester planning. It’s a class that will make you look fiiiine.

It may sound silly, but you’ve got to treat exercise, and for that matter, cooking a meal, like a twice- or thrice-weekly course in becoming a better, smarter, more whole person. You know, the reasons you went to b-school in the first place.

Put exercise in your Outlook calendar. Exercise and eating home-cooked food is as important as your group mate who takes a pass on weekend meetings to hang out with his or her kids. Yes, it’s that important. And if you treat it that way – by blocking out time in the sacred calendar – the goals you set and the resolutions you make will follow naturally and easily.

Don’t cut this class. You’ll thank us later.

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