Was my ski trip hookup the real thing?

Posted on January 2, 2011


Photo courtesy of Herkle

You’ve gone, you’ve skied, you’ve conquered. Well, okay, “conquer” is a strong word, but you definitely landed your b-school crush during the school ski trip. It was great, it was fun, it was romantic…and it was four days long. Then the holidays came, everyone scattered to celebrate at home, and now you’re headed back to school. Was your ski trip hookup the real thing?

The answer is…it might be. It also might not be. That’s not the most helpful comment, but I’m here to tell you that last week, on Christmas, two of my Kellogg classmates – who first hooked up on ski trip the prior year (it was alleged) – got engaged.

That’s right, it could happen to you, too.

And while that’s an extreme case, there are plenty of ways to figure out whether or not your ski trip hookup could turn into something more.

For starters, did your crush usher you out discreetly in the morning from his/her shared room/condo/ski house, or did you linger, have breakfast, and hang out with the friends and roommates? If the former, you may be disappointed to find the same kind of behavior from your hookup in the hallways and at parties once you get back to school. But if you experienced more of the latter, then you may be looking at something longer term.

Next, did s/he contact you at all during the holidays? This is a telltale sign. Let’s face it – in the day and age of cellular telephones, iPads, and Microsoft Outlook meeting invites, there’s no excuse not to send a simple, “Happy New Year,” or, “surviving the holidays with the fam?” text message to someone that you’re interested in. An emoticon would even be acceptable in these situations.  Not terribly cool, but acceptable. 😉

Finally, did the two of you make, or allude to making, any sort of plans for when you returned to campus? Both going to the 80s theme party? Both studying in the same all-night coffee shop downtown? Or even, dare I say it, going to dinner sometime? We all know that “dating” at business school is a near impossibility – between the gossip mill and the limited places you can go without being seen by somebody you know – but some people manage to do it. Maybe you two thought you might, too. Yes? No?

These are just a few things to look out for – but not everything. Let us know how it goes, and how you finally figured out whether or not your ski trip hookup was the real thing.

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